• shantala-massage

      Shantala massage

      The Shantala massage is a special massage for newborn babies. It wants to recreate the calm and bright atmosfere of the mother’s womb. According to the Ayurvedic massage the birth is a traumatic event for the child, since it throws the baby into a „hard“ external world.

      In India this massage is seen as an essential ingredient in the relation between the mother and the child, since thanks to it the mother can stabilize a profound emotive contact to the child, giving him the sensation of well- being and calmness.

      This massage works with centripetal movements, teaching the child the awareness of the own body. This massage is actually excellent to cure insomnia in children, colics, digestive problems. It’s beneficial also for the development of the vertebral column, through which the nervs of the sympathetic system are passing, which lead the correct function of all the other organs.