• ayurvedic-back-massage

      Ayurvedic back massage

      The Ayurvedic back massage is also called „Angabyangam“ and it’s excellent to solve tensions and contractions in this part of the body, which represents a very important body part to practise for example sports such as golfing. This massage concentrates especially on the area around the neck and on the loins, since they are very vulnerable.

      The Ayurvedic back massage slows down the aging, offers a profound relaxation, solves contractions, decreases aches, stimulates the job of the respiratory system thanks to the lateral pressure on the vertebral column, moreover it improves the flexibility of the joints and the blood circulation. This massage is very recommended for people who are caracterized by the Vata dosha, since they accumulate many tensions on the back. Therefor the masseur has to make an Anti-Vata massage, to correct the overage of this dosha. This kind of massage is heavy and sweeping, with a stabilizating, calming and analgetic effect.