• ayurvedic-face-massage

      Ayurvedic face massage

      The Ayurvedic face massage was conveyed over centuries from one Indian women generation to the other. This kind of massage is very useful to contrast wrinkles, emilinate toxic agents, to stimulate the lymphatic and the blood circulation. This massage isn’t only beneficial for aesthetic reasons, but also for healthiness, as it’s recommended against headaches, neckaches or shoulderaches. This massage activates the various reflex points relative to the brain and to the general nervous system.

      The Ayurvedic face massage is usually practised with wheat germ oil, almonds, calendula, jojoba and wild rose oil. They are added to the following essential oils, according to the skin typology: cedar or rosemary for normal skin, rose, marjoram, chamomille and geranium for dry skin typologies, tea tree, lemon, lavender, bergamot, cedar for oily skin typologies and incense, fennel, vetiver and neroli for mature skin.