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      Fiori di Bach Centaury

      The characteristics of Centaury person is the inability to say “no“. This flower belongs to centaury, the sign of Virgo and to the personality of Cinderella. The color is pomegranate red and is associated to the sun and belongs to the “12 healer”. The Centaury person is perpetually at disposal of other people, and puts himself and his needs at the last place.

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      This remedy is good for people who have a “ do- gooder syndrome” and after always complains to have been exploited and wears out. Centaury people are good, quiet, kind, are easily be targeted by more astute persons and opportunists. A Centaury person is not able to impose his will. Often Centaury is added to “Agrimony” for fear of discussion. A person in Centaury state feels often tired, weak and exhausted because he is often put on the second place.

      From the rational point of view a Centaury person knows that he has been exploited, but the body is already too weak in order to rebel against it. Centaury children are good, meek, obedient with parents and teachers and willful with classmates. As adults they live long with the parents and fulfill their desires at school, job etc. As children as well as adults, Centaury people are very sensitive to critics and compliments. The Centaury flower heals the following physical disorders: sterility, dyspepsia, lameness ,breakdown, bags under the eyes, tachycardia, dependency on medicines, gastritis, weakness, asthenia, inferiority complex, and stammer. Further Centaury is worm killing, antipyretic, stimulating and gives benefits to the digestive system in case of problems.