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      Bach Flower Cherry Plum

      Cherry Plum corresponds to mint green color, the sign of Aries and the cherry plum tree, the moon and it belongs to the “19 assistants”. The personality of this flower Cherry Plum could be “The Incredible Hulk” and his favorite sentence is “I am going to do something terrible”. The Cherry Plum person is always stressed and seems to explode. His staring eyes and his frayed nerves are typical of this state, also his anger attacks are uncontrollable.

    • cherry-plum

      Cherry Plum

      Cherry Plum persons present often compulsive behavior as drinking, eating or smoking too much, even clean in a maniacal way the house. This person have often fear for a loss of control of their actions, or to get mad and do something dreadful. The Cherry Plum is desperate, different and “out of touch with the real world”. His thoughts are painful, crazy and continuous and constrain the mind to brood on problems in an exaggerated way.

      In order to control these “bad thoughts” the Cherry Plum person is very sensitive and tends to find difficult to express his emotions, has a stiff, meticulous, calm and fussy personality. The Cherry Plum personality also find it difficult to talk about his problems, because they are afraid of being misunderstood as in the past they have been called “mad” or “abnormal”. Cherry Plum belongs to the cocktail “Rescue Remedy” and it’s often prescript to children and teens. This remedy heals the following physical disorders: Tourette syndrome, kidney stones, violence, convulsions, nightly bedwetting, thoughts of suicide or homicide, madness, aphonia, self-harm, stutter, dyspnea, neuritis, deep desperation, hysteria, anxious melancholia, allergy, paranoia and hallucination.