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      Bach Flower Chicory

      The Bach Flower Chicory corresponds to the wild chicory, the sign scorpion, the moon , Pluto, the heaven blue color. It belongs to the “12 healers.” The famous personality could be Ferula in the book “The House of the Spirits”. Indeed this personality spends life taking care of her ill mother and afterward also of her brother Esteban.

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      The personality of Chicory is always attentive about the needs of the loved ones. “Are you cold? Are you warm? Did you eat enough”? But he gets confused with love and control and also with mental manipulation and taking care. The favorite sentence is ”After all what I did for you!” typical of those mothers and sisters who control their sons and brothers using invisible strings.

      They seem to give love, attention and comprehension, but they interfere in everything their loved persons do and judge and criticize what they do and always say that “it’s for their good”. When a Chicory person is ill, he does not look very run-down; his aspect isn’t always awaking compassion and therefore they feel neglected and less loved. The childhood of Chicory people is poor in affection and the fear to be abandoned is very strong.

      Chicory people cry easily, above all when they feel that others have fall short their expectations, they don’t accept anymore their interference in life. Chicory people are very proud of their house, which they clean and look after in an almost fanatical way. They are histrionic, self-centered, tiresome and jealous, they play often victims and use the emotional blackmail. A person in an Chicory state exaggerates with eventual indispositions. The Bach Flower Chicory has diuretic, purifying, tonic properties and heals the following physical disorders: depressions, hysterical crisis, asthma, hoarseness, bulimia, liver disorders, urogenital, gynecological, dyspepsia, dyspnea, depression post – partum, obesity, metabolism disorders, hypochondria. Chicory is worm killing, antipyretic, stimulating and helps in case of problems in the digestive system.