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      Bach Flower Clematis

      The Bach Flower Clementis belongs to the “12 healers ” and is associated to clematis, the sign of Cancer and the personality of “Alice in Wonderland”, its color is red copper and it is associated to moon. His favorite sentence is “What? Hm? How?”. The Clemantis person prefers living in his dreams instead of in reality because he has no interest in it. He always hopes in a better future, where he could realize all his dreams.

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      The Clemantis person is an amusing daydreamer, he has no memory for details, lives in a “fantastic world”, he always stumbles and runs into something and is victim of accidents because of his distraction. Clementis people have often creative jobs as in the cinema, in arts and in fashion. They are exaggerated romantic, apathetic and idealists. As patients they don’t care about recovering, but they prefer dying because they think that after-life will be better and they will meet all the loved once again.

      Clemantic people tend also to spend lots of money in vain things and don’t undertake to do work, because they prefer “dreaming” about their success. A Clemantis person asks himself questions but has no interest in answers, then he prefers keeping energy for dreaming. That’s why he falls asleep in the most unusual places. From the physical point of view Clemantis heals the following disorders: cold feet and hands, fainting, loss of consciousness, paranoia, psoriasis from depression, excessive sleepiness, drug addiction, slow recovery, epilepsy, arteriosclerosis, anorexia and bulimia. The Clementis remedy is often prescript to students before exams.