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      Bach Flower Elm

      The Bach Flower Elm corresponds to elm, the sign of Taurus, the planet Saturn, the color green sage and belongs to the “19 assistants”. The frequent sentence of an Elm person is ”I can’t anymore”. The characteristics of Elm people are the following: strength, energy, ability, intuition, but in spite of that they have moments of dejection and are afraid of not being able to do it, because they are overwhelmed by responsibility.

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      Moreover they feel that the welfare of other persons depends on all their right actions, therefore they have a sense of guilt. The glance of Elm people is attentive and keen which is in contrast with their depressive and tired appearance. Many “workalcoholics” are Elm people, they identify with their actions, exploit themselves until the end, and don’t listen to the “messages “ of hard work which the body sends them and are so tired that a small effort is unbearable.

      Many Elm people charge voluntarily with heavy and laborious duties, stay in the first line in case of emergency and think to be indispensable. They are not able to pass others their tasks. Therefore Elm is effective in case of “burn out” and when people have taken too many responsibilities. This remedy heals the following physical disorders: strong physical pain, cyclothymic, nervous breakdown, hypertension, palpitation, bipolar spectrum disorder, loss of interest in work, hypotension, eat and sleep disorders, nervousness, drop of libido, slight illness, asthenia, biliary colic, irritable colon, dyspepsia, stone in the kidneys.