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      Bach Flower Gentian

      Bach Flower Gentian corresponds to gentian which grows in the Alps. The color is apple green, the sign is Taurus and the planet Jupiter. It belongs to the “12 healers”. Gentian people are uncertain, have been hurt deeply in life, don’t believe in their capacities and their favorite sentence is “Life is bad”.

    • gentian


      Gentian people are sad, depressed and give up in front of every obstacle end don’t trust in no one, neither in joy. They are recognized by their very modest clothing and by their sad and glance off. The Gentian people feel on the edge, they ”make a mountain of a molehill” and if they have an appointment they get bother about the smallest delay. A further characteristic of a Gentian person is to brood continually over sad and doubtful thoughts, they always bring into question something, don’t believe in anything, are skeptical, always unsatisfied, cynical and “nihilists”.

      They think to be able to dominate and analyze everything with the mind, they are afraid a priori not to be able of doing something and don’t believe in methods of cure, therefore they recover slowly and hardly.

      Gentian has tonic properties for the immunity and the digestive system. There is made a liquor from this plant which heals the lack of appetite, bloat, spasm, cramps and weakness in general. The Bach Flower Genitan heals also the following physical disorders: neoplasia, oesto- joints problems, late recover, hypertension, tremor, dizziness, obsessions about “doing everything wrong”, sexual impotence and hypochondria.