• bach-flower-heather

      Bach Flower Heather

      Bach Flower Heather belongs to the “7 aids” and corresponds to Erica, the sign of Gemini, the sun and the lake blue color. A personality of Heather could be Furio in the Italian film “White, red and green”. The favorite sentence of Heather is “me, me, me” or “Somebody has to listen to me!”

    • heather


      Heather people likes speaking a lot, they seem to be constantly on a stage and always need to be on focus of all, they are terrified of loneliness and of not being loved. This hunger of love terrifies people and makes them run away. Heather people are obsessed by food, they are often considered “energetic vampires” because they don’t worry about the needs and tastes of other persons; they reduce the persons they are speaking to a “large ear”.

      The symbolic person of Heather is the “child in need of”; This behavior is the reflexion of a cold and sad childhood with few love and attention for them. Therefore the child has never learnt to be an independent individual, he always needs somebody to give him attention in order to calm the large emptiness, neglect and loneliness inside. Further characteristics of a Heather person are: complains, easy cry, desire to “correct” always others, speaking loudly, always using the pronoun “me”. His discourse is always full of wordplays, witty remarks and also amusing “calembours”.

      A Heather person likes speaking about himself, about his problems, business, diseases etc. and he could talk about it also with persons he has just known. The glance of a Heather person longs for attention and normally it is a good and trusting person with garish and youthful dress. The Heather flower heals the following disorders: cystitis (because it is a natural diuretic), anxiety, asthma, insomnia, fainting, flushing during menopause, logorrhea, embolism, skin rash, sun burns, dermopathy in general, hypochondria, bulimia, hysteria, colon irritable and walking problems.