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      Bach Flower Mustard

      This Bach Flower remedy Mustard corresponds to Mustard an infested herb. It belongs to the “19 assistants” and corresponds to Scorpio, the planet Pluto and to the sky-blue color. Mustard people are sad with no apparent reason, as if they were always in a blue. This sadness goes as it comes and creates a real change of emotion.

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      Their favorite sentences are “Nothing doesn’t make any sense ” or “I am so sad and I don’t know why” .In spite of their state of mind, Mustard people never cry, they don’t show their emotions and seem to be inconsolable. They are passive, slow, have a “ lump in their throat”, express a suffering condition and live in a state of painful impotence. The intellectual and physical functions of Mustard people work at “low level”. They have lost interest in life and hobbies and play their role of “prophet of misfortune” for others and themselves.

      The Bach Flowers Mustard heal also the following physical problems: painful menstruations, sleep disorders, aerophagia, heartburn or gastric problems in general, Reyaud diseases, difficult pregnancy, anguish, stress, abortation, chilblain, hypochondria, depression, recovery after a difficult operation, fainting, acrocyanosis and chronic headaches.