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      Bach Flower Oak

      The Bach Flower Oak corresponds to the oak tree, the sign Taurus, the planet Pluto and the color violet. It belongs to the “7 aids”. A personality of oak could be Rambo, the person “who never has to ask”! Oak people have a strong practical sense, tend to get all the responsibilities without complaining and work tirelessly. Normally they are well-build, strict with themselves, preserving, reliable, brave, pugnacious and eager.

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      Their favorite sentence is “I’ll break but I won’t give up”! Oak people don’t change easily their mind, for them nothing is impossible. They are not able to show their emotions or to delegate their duties because for them life is just “duty” and never “pleasure”. This attitude has roots in childhood, when they have been given too many responsibilities by parents or adults taking care of them and considered this attitude convenient. Oak people tend to put themselves on the last place, minimize the own weakness and needs because of their excessive pride.

      Even though they are tired they go on with their work until they have finished and do it in a mechanical way. Obviously they carry on working and doing all what they can for others without receiving anything in change for it. A collapse appears with a strong headache on Sundays or on holidays.

      In this case the favorite sentence of Oak people is “I don’t understand what is happening to me, I have always done well”. They hate being ill because “they aren’t efficient anymore”. In phytiotherapy the oak tree has anti-inflammatory, astringent and hemostatic qualities. The Oak acorn, buds, roots and bark are used with marinated glycerin. The Oak Flower heals the following disorders: rheum, sexual abstinence, tachycardia, back and shoulder pains, arrhythmia, dislocation of neck or shoulder, arteriosclerosis, nervous breakdown, hepatic and biliary disorders, anxiety, hyperactivity, faintness, cervical problems and palpitations.