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      Bach Flower Olive

      The Bach Flower Olive belongs to the “7 aids” and corresponds to the well- known olive. Olive has a green color, the sign is Virgo, the planet Mars. The favorite sentence of Olive state is “I am dog tired”. Olive people feel empty, because in past they have worked a lot and now each effort is unbearable.

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      The olive people seem to be born tired, they would always sleep and they have difficulty in speaking. These situation of serious physical tiredness appear after a long period of stress and hard work as for example an exam or also after taking care of someone. From the affective point of view Olive people have suffer a lot (divorce, mourning) and now “can’t anymore”, all new things are scaring them and they feel that life has strongly debilitated them and they have no more strength to go on.

      Similarly to Oak people also Olive person work tirelessly without asking anything in change and they are very helpful. Olive people give constantly to others until their physical, emotional and psychological energies finish. They don’t have interest in libido and food. Olive is the Oak remedy in the reconverted version. In Phytiotherapy the olive is an anti -rheumatic, antipyretic, hypotensive remedy and is even effective against gout.

      The olive remedy heals also physical disorders as heart attack, alcoholism, apathy, unhappiness, mental and physical breakdown, liver problems, large and difficult convalescences, depressions, low immune system defenses, nausea, change of sleeping rhythm, accidents, trauma and heavy asthenia.