• bach-flower-rescue-remedy

      Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

      The Flower of Rescue Remedy is the emergency remedy, which has to be taken after a difficult and traumatic experience as for example: crisis of consciousness, court audience, an exam, before or after labour, after dispute, after watching a film which left us upset, an job interview, before or after an operation, acute or chronicle diseases, stress situation, car accidents, fractures, collapse or heart crisis.

    • rescue-remedy

      Rescue Remedy

      This remedy is associated with the gold color and contains the following Bach Flowers: Cherry Plum, Star of Bethlehem, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Clematis. This remedy is available also en cream, in this case Crab Apple is added, which is very beneficent for the skin thanks to the draining and purifying qualities. In case of bruise, burns, skin rashes, sprain, hematoma, scratches, dislocations, insect stings, hemorrhoids, abrasion, muscle contractures. 

      Rescue Remedy is more effective if you take it after a traumatic situation; it does not have any contraindications, it is completely natural and it is an excellent emotional stabilizer. It does not cause addiction and does not interfere with other medicines or therapies.

      You have to take 4 drops at least 4 times a day. In case of emergency it is better to take 4 drops each 5 minutes and keep them below the tongue for some seconds in order to face up to disorientation, fainting, mental confusion, hysterical and upset reactions. If a person is in a state of recklessness it is recommended to spread Rescue Remedy on the fontanel, lips, gum, wrist and temple.

      This remedy helps also to re - establish the “connections” between physical and ethereal body, because if these doesn’t meet in time the person could die. People who had pre-death experiences, saw that the astral and mental body leave the physical and ethereal body. The color of Rescue Remedy indeed is gold, the perfect synthesis between human and divine and the color which permits us to rearrange. Rescue Remedy should not be taken lightly, because it would be wasted.