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      Bach Flower Rock Rose

      The Bach Flower Rock Rose belongs to the “12 healers”, is the Rock Rose, corresponds to the planet Uranus, the sign of Pisces and the carmine red. It is the flower which heals serious anxiety and panic attacks, characterized by tachycardia, intensive sweating, sensation of paralysis, urination, face blush until excessive loquacity. Rock Rose heals also paralyzing fears, unexpected waking up because of nightmares, anxiety states, fear of serious diseases and accidents.

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      Rock Rose

      Rock Rose is the remedy against terror, for nervous and upset people. Their glance is terrified, they sweat cold, their movements aren’t coordinated and they feel as they have a lump in theirs throat. The feeling of Rock Rose are often “blocked” because of the fear: deafness or blindness, loss of word or paralyzing muscles. Rock Rose people often take drugs and medicines because of an old emotional lability.

      Rock Rose is recommended for fears which have been caused by an traumatic event. This remedy is also useful in order to heal the following physical disorders: embolism, blindness or sudden deafness, dyspnea, heartburn, dysphagia, panic attacks, serious stress, sun burn, impotence, nervous collapse, hypertension, anorgasm, aphonia, faintings or sudden diarrhea.