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      Bach Flower Rock Water

      This Bach Flower is part of the “7 aids” and is the only remedy of Edward Bach which is not a flower, but rather pure spring water, obtained from a spring in Wales which is known for centuries because of its curative properties. This flower belongs to the planet Saturn, the sign Capricorn, the color grey yellow and the Italian personality Lucia in “The Betrohed”. The favorite sentence of the Rock Water state is “I am accepted just if I am perfect, “or ”I’ll break, but I don’t give up!”

    • rock-water

      Rock Water

      The Rock Water person is rigid, hard, schematic, strict with themself and is very satisfied with the results reached through self- discipline. He would like to be an example with his behavior without trying to convince others with words as a Vervain state person would do. Rock Water people have always a very high example of aesthetic ideals and often do very hard trainings, follow always rules without requiring and don’t feel compassion neither for themselves.

      Rock Water people are excessively controlled, go without any pleasures in life, don’t listen to their deep needs, seem to be almost “saints”, but they are victim of their own obsessions and their own limited rule system and finally repress their drives without pity. The disorders of the Rock Water state go back to childhood, when their parents make them believe that just following the rules and just those who are perfect will be loved and accepted. Who is not perfect has to be avoided.

      This educational model gives obviously a strong feeling of interior emptiness. Because of this education Rock Water people have big difficulties to express their emotions. Rock Water people who impose all this discipline, risk to break down to the other site. For example some girls who make hard fasting, could maybe eat everything they find in the fridge during night. Rock Water people are recognized from hard features and have a sprinter walk. They show evident symptoms of stress.

      The remedy Rock Water heals also the following physical disorders as: obsessive neurosis, apoplexy, cellulite, sexual disorders, anorexia, obesity, urogenital disorders, osteo- joints disorders, circulatory (varicose vein), rheumy, muscular contraction, asthma, constipation and painful menstruations.