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      Bach Flower Vervain

      The Bach Flower Vervain belongs to the “12 healers” and corresponds to: vervain, famous for its pleasant scent, the planet Jupiter, the sign Leo, the color green chlorophyll. The personality could be Lisa Simpson… or every “fuddy- daddy” you can meet in life. Their favorite sentence is “I know what is good for you” or “It’s for your good” and bring pressure to bear on others. But they are sincere and real feel it, being just overzealous .

    • vervain


      Vervain people are enthusiastic, pedantic, methodical, perfectionist, brave and have a strong will. They love it to be the center of attention, they are very sure about their opinions and stand up for them until converting others of their ideas, opinions etc. They feel a strong need to persuade others to their own point of view but people are bothered by this attitude and end up not listening anymore.

      Vervain people have an over-enthusiasm, but they get tired and collapse. They try to convince others because they want to convince themselves, they are able to scarify their lives for something they believe in, don’t listen to advises and continue struggling for their ideas even if others have already given up and left. Vervain people disregard danger. From the physical point of view Vervain people have tense muscles in the area of neck and shoulder, excessive mimic, quick discourse, large concentration, keen eyes, irascible character and frayed nerves.

      Vervain people don’t like injustices and have great ambitions and ideals in order to do “good in the world” and renounce a private life just to finish their “mission”. A person in a Vervain state could be missionaries, religious people who look for converting, politicians during political campaign, martyrs, preachers, idealists, parents who want to “model” their children like them. Often Vervain people don’t like compromises but love discussions and the strong discussions have on them a stimulating effect.

      In this way Vervain people never rest or relax. The Flower Vervain heals the following physical disorders: embolism, skin problems, nervous tic, accidents, muscle cramps, wounds, twists, high fever, food disorders, hypertension, back pains, acute diseases, hyperactivity, tension and muscle headache, stress, hoarseness, tennis elbow, cyclotimia and alimentary disorders.