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      Bach Flower Vine

      The Bach Flower Vine belongs to the “7 aids” and corresponds to: life, the planet Mars, the sign Aries and the color purple red. The favorite sentence is “Just do it!” The Vine person has leadership talent, it’s a smart, ambitious, skillful, self-confident and a winning person. But the negative site is that he has a hart character, he is arrogant, dictatorial, stifling, intransigent, unyielding and does never consider other’s opinions.

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      As all tyrants, they create feelings of fear and subjection. The Vine state person loves power, lives in terror of being “passed over” and when he doesn’t have the power he feels frustrated. This remedy is often prescript for artists and men. Vine people think that life is a cruel fight to survive, where “you have to eat in order not to be eaten”. During childhood this person has often suffered oppression and abuses and has been left alone. This made him insecure and the reaction was becoming a despot.

      This is the case of lots of dictators in history as for example Hitler, Ivan the Terrible and Stalin, who had a very difficult childhood and a bad relationships with the father. A Vine person never doubts about his superiority and has no compassion. The Vine state person is a typical “workalcoholic”, careerist, ambitious, greedy for “climbing society”, suffers from “stress order” and imposes a hart discipline, renouncing for every kind of feeling. If this persons feels something he will show it through material things, as for example buying a car or giving a holiday to his children.

      In spite of this, a Vine person is rational and knows how to transform his project in action and “takes the lead on an issue” even in case of danger and emergency and he gets excellent results. A Vine person is recognized by a good developed chest and a determined glance. He suffers often from hypertension and back pains; it happens that he often thinks to know more than the doctor. In phytotherapy grape has refreshing, astringent, laxative and diuretic properties. In gemmotherapy grape is prescript for osteo- muscular system, rheum and anemia of white blood cell.

      Bach Flower Vine heals also the following physical disorders: belching, asthma, different articular and rheum pains, aerophagia, headache, cardiac problems, violent cough, meterorism, irritable colon, sexually transmitted Infection, insomnia, aerocolia, different intoxications, gall problems, oral malodour, paresis, manic psychosis, sado-masochism, neurosis, anguish, depressions, arteriosclerosis. This remedy is prescript often together with Rock Water or Vervain.