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      Bach Flower Water Violet

      The Bach Flower Water Violet belongs to the “12 healers” and corresponds to water violet, the planet Uranus, the sign Aquarius and hemp color. The famous personality is “The Little Prince” of Saint-Exupéry. The characteristics of these flowers are very special, magnificent for mind and body. People have reached a level of consciousness, wisdom, evolution and maturity, but their level of sadness and loneliness are the reason for their sorrow.

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      Water Violet

      Their intellectual superiority and wisdom seems to make them “different” and “on another planet”. This is really esteemed by other persons even by parents or partners who have often been “send- off” by their intelligence and their different level of evolution. They give the impression to be too developed and not to have the need of love and communication. The favorite sentences of Water Violet is “Many don’t understand me”, “Better just bad accompanied” or “I don’t lose time with these yokel”.

      He has to learn to transmit his wisdom in a warmer way, in order not to stay isolated, what would be a pity for himself and for others because they could learn a lot from him.  
      Water Violet people are reserved, have a strong self-control, are able to keep a large emotional detachment, speak little because they are afraid of not being understood, they don’t listen because think that “others talk just nonsense” and are extremely independent. Further Water Violet people have a strong hepatic capacity and could be very good doctors, healers, spiritual guides and teachers if they would learn about communication. They often have intellectual jobs which isolate them more from the rest of the world; they visit the doctor just to get relief for physical slight illness, while their week point is the emotional one.

      An further “remedy” for them would be a hobby with contact with earth as gardener, bricolage or having pets. As a patient they are stoical, calm and quiet, they bear diseases with calm, strength and dignity because they don’t want to bother others. They prefer to struggle by themselves without help. Water Violet persons are smart, independent, refined, lonesome, intuitive, able to go on their way in a calm and balanced way also if they have to sacrifice themselves, but they are not able to give love and human warmth.

      Water Violet people prefer listening to speaking, hate disputes and avoid strong and vulgar discussions. If they are in a dispute they speak slowly and at low voice and appear cold and detached. If they don’t feel well in a relationship they break it in a cold way, but suffer a lot inside. The remedy Water Violet heals the following physical disorders: headache, dyspepsia, food disorders, insomnia, impotence, allergy, rheum problems, joints rigidity, difficulty for speaking in public and prostate problems.