• bach-flower-white-chestnut

      Bach Flower White Chestnut

      The Bach Flower White Chestnut belongs to the “19 assistants” and corresponds to: white chestnut, the planet Jupiter, the sign Sagittarius and the dark blue color. The favorite sentence is “I can’t help thinking of that.” The White Chestnut people are very rational, suffer from insomnia because of their thoughts which stopped them sleeping, above all after a strong dispute, a problem on work or at school or a health problem.

    • white-chestnut

      White Chestnut

      Often the White Chestnut person broods continuously over things to do, over unpleasant past events , makes summary of his life and dwells always on negative events. He is on the tiring research of an answer using too much the “super-me”. In this case the White Chestnut person seems to be really a “broken disc” also when he is talking to other people. He is obsessed by memories, tries to drive them away but they seem always to return, because the White Chestnut person has little interest in present.

      His never- ending “mental chattering” makes him absent-minded and inclined to do accidents as for example to trip over something. This mental monologue shows tension and wrinkles on his face, gives him an instable walk, a contracture musculature, strong tiredness because of the quantity of wasted energy spend in brooding. His mind is like a room with echo and he is not able neither to single out useful and useless thoughts nor enjoying pleasures of life. This disorders are common in this state, but are also provisional. In phytotherapy the fruit of the White Chestnut is used as a mother tincture, has an analgesic quality and helps against bleeding. It is also beneficial for hemorrhoids or as a vasoconstrictor.

      This remedy is very effective in case of rectal problems, hemorrhoids, varicose veins or venous congestion. The White Chestnut heals also the following physical disorders: headaches, insomnia, hiccup, grinding of teeth, tension at eyes and face, Tourette syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder, nervous tic, anorgasm, hot flush, skin problems due to sun exposition, thoughts of guilt, allergies, impotence, migraine, nightly sweat, paranoia, lichenification, leukemia, vitamin deficiency, drug dependency, cardio- circulatory problems, accidents and fainting.