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      Bach Flower Wild Rose

      The Flower Bach Wild Rose belongs to the “19 assistants” and corresponds to dog rose, the luminary of the moon, the sign of the Scorpio, to the color spring green, to the personality of “Sleeping beauty” whose name was Briar Rose! The personality of Wild Rose has been disappointed from life and from affection, further he is lazy, apathetic, has no enthusiasm and his favorite sentence is “Nothing can change now “or “At this point…”

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      Wild Rose

      Wild Rose people feel like “dead people walking around”, because they are apathetic, depressed, lethargic and resigned to life without strength for changing neither getting angry. Their way of life is to vegetate and it is a slow but inexorable suicide. A Wild Rose person is fatalist, deeply dissatisfied and leads a boring life without joy neither pleasures and even without crying. His way of life is shabby, he is a boring speaker, his glance and his complexion area faded, he is isolated and frustrated.

      His indifference is paralyzing, he is always tired because of his indifference to the presence. Routine is making this person even more lethargic and he adapts to situation of life even he doesn’t like them. He never complains about something and doesn’t see way out to situations. A person in a Wild Rose state can suffer from “compulsive shopping” and buys things he doesn’t use in order to compensate for apathy.

      Wild Rose is used also for healing temporary disorders as for example abortion, a hart working period, an unsuccessful marriage etc. In phytotherapy the berry of wild rose are very rich a vitamin C and are good against winter diseases and the scurvy. They have also astringent and diuretic properties. The glycerin macerate of this plant heals allergies, sore throat and colds.

      Wild Rose remedy heals also the following physical disorders as: gout, degenerative diseases, coma, digestive problem, kidney stones, menopause, impotence, apathetic depression, allergy clinical diseases, gallstones, leukemia, flatulence, anorgasmia, chronic asthenia, paranoia, cardio- circulatory and frigidity. Wild Rose is often taken together with Rescue Remedy.