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      Bach Flower Willow

      The Bach Flower Willow belongs to the “19 assistants” and corresponds to the weeping willow, the planet Mercury, the sign Pisces and to the blue color. The Willow persons are often moody, weak, annoyed, suspicious, polemical and sad, they feel resentful towards people in a mild and calm way and never say definitely what made them suffer. Their favorite sentence is “This is not fair!” they always blame others and think that everybody have it in for something.

    • willow


      The Willow personality is a sulky, unsatisfied, vindictive and self-pitying person, feels “blocked” in an unpleasant event because he thinks to be guilty for “having destroyed everything” and broods over it continually. Willow people are irascible, polemical, have resentment, ungrateful, often worry and feel that they cannot control their destiny. Further they complain about something continually, never admit their faults, feel self-pity incessantly, expect too much of other people and don’t give something in exchange because they think that everything is “due”.

      Willow people are difficult to cure, because they behave as a “imaginary patient ”, and behave like that even if they have recovered. This is a good method in order to get attention from others. The person in a Willow state feels often worthlessness, is envious of other successes and doesn’t feel happy about the way his live has gone in spite of his efforts. He suffers because of bad luck or adversity in work and feelings.

      A Willow person indeed has high aspirations, he judges life of other people according to their own success. He doesn’t understand why others are “happy” and are the typical “spoilsport”. In phytotherapy the decoction or infusion of the weeping willow has more anti-pyretic, calm down, anti- spasmodic and anti- rheumatic qualities.

      The Willow remedy heals the following physical disorders as nightly wetting, tachycardia, premenstrual syndrome, liver failure, bulimia, liver, gastric and digestive problems in general, strong headache, early white hair, impotence, paranoia, obesity, spasm, gastro-duodenal ulcers, hair loss, neuralgia, joint problems, libido problems, insomnia, premature ejaculation, pessimism, depression, arrhythmia, wrinkles. hypochondria and resentment.