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      Bach Flowers Scleranthus

      The Bach Flower Scleranthus belongs to the “12 healers” and corresponds to Scleranthus, the planet Saturn and Mars, the sign Libra, the color green. The King Carlo Alberto di Savoia is for example a personality of this flower who is Libra! The favorite sentence of Sclerathus people is “I don’t know what to do!”


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      Scelranthus people seem to be quiet persons, but they are as a balance, always fluctuating between two poles and never can’t decide. “Should I spend a holiday on mountain or at seaside?”, ”Pasta or rise for lunch?” ”Shoud I go out with Mario or Giulia?” or ”This or that dress?”. Once taken a decision they go back to the other and regret it. He is not able to express clearly and firmly his opinion. Scleranthus people are conformists, be in search of themselves, don’t like to confide in someone their problems and are never happy about their choices.

      They can go quickly from cheerfulness to sadness, they don’t know if they have to dream or in what to believe in, they analyze always the same problem, can be patient as difficult people. Their language is incoherent and their thoughts change constantly until leading to an irregular life. Also their way of eating can be irregular, because they change from a complete fasting to awful nosh –ups! Their movements are irregular, nervous and unaware.

      Scleranthus heals also the following physical disorders: menstrual problems, difficult pregnancy, meteropatia, cyclothymic disorders, nightly bulimia, car or plane sickness, altered cardiac rhythm (sleep during day and being awake during night), confused sexual orientation, abortion, nervous breakdown, apathy, headache, cancer, Meniere syndrome, stress, rash, fever, diarrhea alternated with constipation, hypochondria, depression alternated to mania and obsessive neurosis. In phytiotherapy Scleranthus helps to purify blood and to balance again intestine and lungs.