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      Bach flowers

      The Bach flowers represent an alternative treatment and belong to the most common treatments in this sector. The innovator of the Bach flower remedies was Edward Bach (1886-1936). During his researches of bacteries, he discovered the homeopathic theory of doctor Samuel Hahnemann, with whom he agreed in the following affirmation: the entity which has to be cured is the sick person in his entireness and not only the disease.

      Fascinated by the homeopathy Edward Bach began with the preparation of oral vaccines, they where particularly effective in the treatment of chronic diseases. This original method of treatment became famous in Great Bretain, but also in the USA and in Germany. He was very popular during the thirties, actually he was called the “second Hahnemann”, today his house is a museum. Just on the height of his carrier he left London and moved to a small country village in the Oxfordshire, where he offered his suggestions and knowledge without asking money.He only accepted free donations by this patients. Retaking the Hahnemann theory, doctor Bach was always convinced that to prevent diseases it was better to act on the personality of the patient. He noticed that seven bacterial strains corresponded to dominant characterial traits and to specific personalities. From this observation he started his treatment method, which based on the character and personality of the patient.

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    • The Bach flowers are divided in two groups: the “12 Healers”, the “7 Helpers” and the “19 assistants”. There exist two different methods of preparation: the sun- preparation, which prepares the mother tinctures of the Bach flowers and the boiling- method. According to the sun- method, the flowers must be collected at the maximum of blossoming and early in the morning in a sunny day. The flowers must not be touched with the hands, nor become wet by the dew. They can be cut with the shissors or with secateurs. The buds must be put into a vase filled with about 300 ml of pure water, where they must stay covering the surface of the water, half immersed. The buds must repose for about 5-6 hours, in the Mediterranean nations there are sufficient 4 hours.

      The sun transmits the therapeutic properties of the flowers to the water. The coloured water must be filtered with a paper filter and then diluted with the same dose of brandy or cognac, which acts as conservant. According to the boiling method, the flowers must be collected at the same way, then they must boil for about half an hour in a recipient made of enameled metal. After the cooling of the tincure, to the filtered water there must be added the same dose of cognac or brandy. The 12 Healers and the 7 Helpers are prepared with the first method, while the second method serves for the preparation of the 19 assistants. For the “Rock Water” method pure spring water must be collected in a recipient of glass, letting it repose in the sun for about 4 hours. Then the water must be diluted with cognac or brandy.