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      Bach Flowers Agrimony

      The Bach Flower Agrimony belongs to the ”twelve healers” and is associated to the lavender color and the planet Jupiter. Agrimony people seem to be happy and without troubles with many friends. They are always ready joking about their own problems. They are not able to say “no” and renounce many things just for peace. Agrimony people keep their day full of things to do as work, voluntary, parties…just in order to calm grief and anxiety.

      But during night they often get up and empty the fridge or turn to drink or drugs in order to help them stay “happy”. Agrimony people hide their problems because they are afraid of losing the respect and love of the others. That’s because they are convinced that you can be loved just if you don’t have problems. Agrimony people avoid a painful reality and tend to adorn it.

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      A characteristic of Agrimony people is the subjection toward a stronger person. The Italian actor Roberto Begnini in “Life is beautiful” could be a personality connected to this flower; he’s zodiacal sign is Sagittarius. Agrimony is recommended against insomnia, vaginismus, compulsive disorders, alcohol, medicines or tobacco dependency, manic disorders, nervous tic, liver, throat or biliary duct disorders, asthma and psoriasis. This flower is astrictive, diuretic and is often “accompanied” by another Bach Flower as for example: Vervain, Cherry Plum, Aspen, Scleranthus.