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      Bach Flowers Aspen

      Bach Flowers Aspen belongs to the aspen tree, to the sign of Pisces and the planet Mercury. Aspen helps against fear, unknown and darkness. It belongs to the “19 assistants” and is recommended for sensitive people, who feel to be victim of all the injustice and tragedies of the world (hunger, earthquakes, catastrophe). Many of those people would like to participate actively and they work for example for volunteer organization.

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      The Aspen remedy is perfect for children fears. Often an Aspen person has to bear violence and abuse and can’t free himself from bad memories, because he is too sensitive. This personality suffer from night walking and nightmares. They never speak about their problems because they fear to be laughed at or to be misunderstood. They are hunted day and night by their own ghosts and experience the problems before arriving.

      Aspen gives courage and safety and heals following physical pains: respiratory problems, vaginismus, weak erection for man, insomnia, heart palpitation, constipation, shudder, hypochondria, incontinence, tremor, nervous tic, dizziness and bone fracture. A famous Aspen personality is for example “Porky Pig” and the color is petrol blue.