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      Bach Flowers Beech

      The Bach Flower is the beech tree, and the flower heals the intolerance against things and people; it is associated to the planet Saturn and the sign of Capricorn and belongs to the “19 assistants”. One of the favorite sentences of Beech people are “This is absurd, it’s not possible!”, “I don't trust either of them, nothing is going right!” Beech people are intolerant, flamboyant and perfectionist and tolerate others just if they keep distance.


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      Beech people wear a mask of arrogance and are very perfectionists, they find faults in everyone and judge according to their personal prejudices. Their emotion are exaggerated, they have a hard and searching look and because of their attitude they are often alone. The Beech person is “sparing with feelings”, he always wants to be right every time and would like to change in others what he doesn’t like in himself.

      Further he is not able to recognize the own mistakes and if someone draws attention to it he withdraws into himself and offends the speaker. The Bach Flower Beech heals the following physical disorders: pain with urination, anorgasmia, arteriosclerosis, capillary problems, joints rigidity, paranoia, arthritis and rheumatic pains, food intolerance, constipation and dyspepsia. This flower is connected to the peach color and a typical personality of this flower could be Yagoo in “Aladdin”.