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      Bach Flowers Cerato

      Cerato corresponds to the plumbago plant, the color indigo, the planet Saturn and the sign Gemini , which is associated to youth. This remedy is often given to teens when personality still isn’t defined. This flower belongs to the “12 healer”. Cerato people are lazy, apathetic and with few practical sense. They are never sure about their opinions and are afraid to take the wrong decision because they are confused and always ask others for advises.

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      Their favorite sentences are “what would you do in my place?” or “What do you think?”. Cerato people follow strictly all what it’s style, and admire people who are apparently decided. They ask thousands of advises and follow the last one… and they often repent because they don’t believe in their intuitions and ideas. A typical behavior of Cerato people is to read a lot, without using acquired experience in a practical way and they also have problems in taking decisions.

      Cerato belongs to the “twelve healers” and heals also the following physical disorders: insomnia, stress, tachycardia, tobacco and drug dependency, mental confusions in old people, balance problems as well as coordination, myopia, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, asthma and anxiety.