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      Bach Flowers Chestnut Bud

      The Bach Flowers Chestnut Bud corresponds to the germ of chestnut, the moon, the sign of Sagittarius and ink blue, it belongs to the “19 assistants”. The most common sentence of Chestnut Bud people is “I don’t understand why it is always happening to me”. Chestnut people tend always repeat the same failures and never learn from negative experiences of the past. They often are childish, “mammons” and immature, they tend to “runaway” to the future without resolving first the problems of the past.

    • chestnut-bud

      Chestnut Bud

      A person in a Chestnud Bud state is often ill, faces life without desire , quickly and in an absented way; for example they cannot remember if they have taken coffee or tea. A Chestnut Bud person has not power of observation and willingness and thinks always to be unlucky, but in fact he is running away from problems without solving them. The “Peter Pan syndrome” is typical of this kind of personalities.

      This flowers is also used to heal mental retardation, learning problems and mental debility. It cures also headaches, gastric ulcer, arteriosclerosis, dyspepsia, myopia, ictus, apathy, ulcer, hiccough, nervous tic, deafness and hemorrhoids. Chestnut is recommended for learning and implement memory and that’s why it is often a prescription for students before exams.