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      Bach Flowers Crab Apple

      The Crab Apple flower corresponds to white color, the planet Venus, the sign Virgo and Pisces and crab tree. The fairy tale personality is “Ugly duckling”. This flowers belongs to the “19 assistants”. Crab Apple people are obsessed from dirt, either body and soul and live their failures as “indelible blots”. They get lost in details, they don’t like physical contact because they are afraid of “germs” and they are extremely choosy.

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      Crab Apple

      Crab Apple women take care of their house in a maniac way. Further they tend to “detain” physical and emotional toxins. That’s why Crab Apple is recommended in case of constipation. Crab Apple people are repressed also form sexual point of view and are ashamed of their phantasies; further they don’t think to be physically attractive. Regarding sexuality, Crab Apple people are the one most attracted by hard pornographies.

      They are afraid of insects, diseases, blood; they often wash their hands and present just perfectly dressed and with makeup (for women). The physical disorders to cure with Crab Apple are the following: water retention, nightly pollution, intoxication from alcohol and drugs, Tourette syndrome, pimples, sexually transmitted diseases, warts, psoriasis, acne, nausea, vomit, allergy and sexual asthenia.