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      Bach Flowers Gorse

      This flower Gorse corresponds to furze, the sign Scorpio, the planet Mars and the light yellow color. The personality of it is the Tin Woodman in “Wizard of Oz” who lost his heart. Gorse belongs to the ”7 aids” and its favorite sentence is “ I’ll try again even I know that it is useless”. The Bach Flower is often accompanied by “Agrimony” or “Mimulus”.

    • gorse


      Gorse people have experienced a big grief or have been seriously ill, affected by a chronic and invalidating disease. They don’t love life anymore and shelter in their dreams without energies.

      They have a pale or yellow complexion, deep wrinkles under their eyes, a dead and indifferent glance and disarrayed clothes.

      Gorse people are victims of great desperation after a long battle and feel that their own case is hopeless. They try always to “extinguish ” the problem, hope in a miracle form outside which might never happen. They don’t believe to be strong enough to recover, that’s why the recovery is slow and difficult. People in a Gorse state try to recover just to please others.

      Gorse people are very angry inside because their life is not as they would like it to be, but nevertheless they participate to other people’s events. The Bach Flower Gorse heals the following disorders: dialysis, heavily inmate, heart attack, chronicle disease without solution (as cancer with metastases), lump in the throat, eyeholes, paleness, easy cry, clinical treatment without successes, agony, dumbness, low immune defenses, suicide thoughts, depression, drug dependency with withdrawal symptoms.