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      Bach Flowers Holly

      The Bach Flower Holly corresponds to holly, the Christmas plant par excellence, to the sign of Scorpion, the planet Mars and the cyclamen pink color. It belongs to the “19 assistants”. Holly people are suspicious, vindictive and jealous. Their favorite sentences are: “If I get him…” or “Let me show you what I can do.!” It seems that revenge and spite are the only thing for Holly people.

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      They express openly their hatred, their revenge, anger and exaggerated jealousy. They don’t trust in people because they are afraid of being cheated and suffer of being excluded. Holly people are introverted in feelings because of their past pains, their heart is “frozen ” and they are not able to forgive. Holly people don’t recognize the good feelings neither in themselves nor in others, because their capacity of giving love was misunderstood or refused.

      They are not able to give love and therefore they put on a mask in order to hide hatred, revenge and resentment and refuse the feelings. A Holly person is recognized by a rigid carriage and a hard glance. His pain is hidden but very furious. The way of communication of a Holly person is rudeness; his screams and disputes are his way of relationship with other persons and paradoxically the quantity of “wasted ” love in this way is the same as the quantity of screams and disputes. Holly persons are the one who most love could give.

      The Bach Flower Holly has antipyretic, tonic and diuretic properties, and heals also the following physical disorders: cystitis, jealousy, gall and renal colic, problems on the osteo- muscle system, constipation, insomnia, depression, neck pain, inflammation, digestive system and liver, gall system disorders and discopathy.