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      Bach Flowers Honeysuckle

      This Bach Flowers corresponds to the honeysuckle, the sign Cancer, the moon and belongs to the “19 assistants”.

      An example of Honeysuckle person is the poem “To Silvia” of the Italian poet Leopardi… who was Cancer! The color of this flower is green and the flower is prescript to people who always live in the past as older people do.

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      The favorite sentence of Honeysuckle state is “At those times as…” or “Once it was different”. A Honeysuckle person is recognized by a dead glance, he always uses the same clothes and perfumes for years and he moves slowly and in a tired way. He always looks at the same pictures and shelter in the past, he keeps everything and doesn’t find anything interesting in the present neither in the future. Further Honeysuckle people refuse any kind of change and would like to keep everything as in old times or what they desired in the past.

      That kind of persons loved in the past and are afraid not to be able to love again or feel the same past and positive experiences. They love antiquities and churchyards. Lots of Honeysuckle people work in jobs related to the past as for example historian, archeologist, antiquarian or restorer. In the Phytotherapy this flower is very used; the decoction of bark has a depurative, diuretic and expectorant function. While the infusion of the Honeysuckle flowers fights asthma, cooling diseases, cough and catarrh.

      The Bach remedy Honeysuckle is prescript after a mourning, to old persons, to migrants, to children who don’t want to go to school, to persons who had to leave their home or a loved person or who doesn’t resign at the end of a love story. Further this remedy heals also the physical disorders as: apathy, dumbness, blueness, bearishness, TBC, different types of bronchitis, asthma, difficult pregnancy, menstrual disorders, abortion, respiratory disorders, problems at the backbone, cry crisis, doziness, depressions, discopathy, stress, cancer, agony, melancholy and bile problems.