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      Bach Flowers Hornbeam

      The Bach Flowers Hornbeam belongs to the “19 assistants” and corresponds to Yoke Elm, the sign of Pisces, the planet Neptune and water green color.

      The favorite sentences of Hornbeam people are “What an empty life, there is never happening anything! ” and reminds us of the Italian comic actress Sandra Mondaini. The ” Monday morning syndrome“ is typical of Hornbeam people.

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      This kind of people are slow in learning, but once done they are very good in their work and they are very well organized. A Hornbeam person has few energy and enthusiasm for daily duties, because he often doesn’t like what he does; he feels that his eyes are tired and his mind empty and heavy. Just if he is offered something he likes he will change immediately! A person in a Hornbeam state has a boring life and is a creature of habit, and that’s why he takes coffee and tea as a stimulator.

      This person is not living but just “exists” and takes life as it comes without energy neither enthusiasm. Normally he works too much from an intellectual point of view (students, employee) and doesn’t move because he feels “disconnected” from his body; feels indifferent to libido and good food.

      In fitoterapy the bark of Hornbeam is used as an astringent, while the glycerine mashed product heals the cold. The Bach Flower Hornbeam heals the following physical disorders: asthenia, dental problems, convalescence, headache, hypotension, difficulties in waking up in the morning, dizziness, nervous cough, memory, libido or appetite problems, eye, bones and joints problems.