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      Bach Flowers Impatiens

      The Bach Flower Impatiens belongs to the “12 healers” and corresponds to: balsam, to the sign of Aries, to hydrangea blue color and the personality Speedy Gonzales. The favorite sentences are: “Give it to me, you are taking too long!” or “The best things are done by myself!” Impatiens people want “everything now” and are always in a hurry. They tend indeed to eat quickly and swallow air, talk quickly, take the words out of other’s mouth and interrupt frequently the speaker.

    • impatiens


      When Impatiens people are ill they take too many medicines because they hope to recover as soon as possible. They breath hardly and badly and the reason for this is that they want to do “everything and quick” and lose precious opportunities. Impatiens people have no genius for group work, then they are impatient with rules… they think that others “take too long” to do things. The queue in the supermarket is indeed a real torture for them.

      They are often more intelligent and discerning above average, have very bright eyes, simple and casual clothes, but suffer from contractures in different parts of the body above all in the neck. Impatiens people hate waste of time and money, doesn’t accept neither interference nor advices, he is in a bad mood as soon as awake, is abrupt, impulsive and insolent.

      Often Impatiens people go through accidents because of their excessive haste, they get angry unexpectedly and calm down quickly again. The Impatiens flower heals the following physical disorders: fever, aggressiveness, hoarseness, anxiety, stress, insomnia, ictus, cramps, aerophagia, wounds, itch, muscle tension, enterocolitis, diarrhea, anguish, bulimia, stiff neck and premature ejaculation.