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      Bach Flowers Larch

      The Bach Flower Larch belongs to the “19 assistants" and corresponds to larch, the flower of audacity, the bloody red color, the planet Venus and the sign of Virgo. Their favorite sentence is “Others are better than me”. The chick Calimero could be a personality of Larch. Larch people have a lack of confidence in their selves and their own abilities. They feel that they are not as competent as others, but they are not envious.

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      They don’t lose their energies for improving themselves and build a “prison” with self-imposed limits, in this way they fall into the “self-fulfilling prophecy”. Larch people have often experienced as a child sentences as: ”Look at your brother or sister…he/she is good”, “You are not able to do anything” or “You are useless”. This sentences have become for Larch people almost an absolutely truth and that’s why they belief “I don’t be worth”. Therefore they never put themselves to the test and always use the excuse of modesty.

      Larch people retreat into one’s shell because they are afraid that others discover their inability and lack of experience. They are very scared of the judgment of other people. A Larch state person is recognized by a down glance and a modest and humble attitude. When they do something , they care too much about the result rather than doing something because they like it. If they fail they retire immediately and don’t learn from the negative experience in order to improve and their creativity is blocked.

      From the larch it is used the essential oil which is useful against cough and respiratory disorders. The Bach flower Larch is often prescript before an exam and heals also the following disorders: irritable colon, sun burns, amnesia, hypertension, tachycardia, inferiority complex, cyclothymia, asthma, embolism, impotence, migraine, problems of the osteo- and joints system, headache and stammer.