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      Bach flowers Mimulus

      The Bach Flower Mimulus belongs to the “12 healers” and corresponds to: Seep Monkey Flower, the sign of Capricorn, bright orange, the planet Jupiter, Mimulus one of the seven dwarfs of Snow White. The favorite sentence is: “I am not strong enough ” or “I will postpone because I am afraid”. Mimulus is the flower of the fear of known things: animals, travels, planes, poverty… often Mimulus people us alibi as illness because they don’t want to put themselves at stake.

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      Mimulus people have lived a negative experience during childhood and can’t overcome it, as for example if they have been bitten by a dog they will be afraid of all dogs. Because of their big sensitivity Mimulus persons blush easily, don’t feel at ease to speak in public, neither in situation they find excessive as “too noisy” or “overcrowded places”. A Mimulus person does not like speaking about his fears because he is afraid of being judged, misunderstood or laugh at. He prefers indeed hide it or postpone it to eternity rather than face up to it.

      This person is refined, delicate, peaceable, dresses in a simple manner; his movements are slow and graceful . Often he is afraid to bother people and apologizes.

      Many Mimulus people talk in a low voice or stutter. Further characteristics are the following: gentleness, caution, introversion, shyness, tranquility and insecurity. The Bach Flower Mimulus heals the following disorders: premature ejaculation, hunger of air, shyness, asthma, sexually transmitted diseases, hoarseness, tic, stammer, dyspnea, panic attacks, lipotimia, stomach burning, meteorism, voiceless, colitis, urinary incontinence, agoraphobia, dyslexia, diarrhea, tachycardia, laryngitis, dry cough, claustrophobia, nightly enuresis. Mimulus is prescript before exams.