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      Bach Flowers Pine

      The Bach Flower Pine belongs to the “19 assistants” and corresponds to the pine tree, the planet Neptune, the sign of Virgo and the color pink . Pine people even claim responsibility for mistakes made by others and have an excessive self-criticism. They think always to be wrong and not to deserve anything. They even don’t want to give their opinion because they are afraid to hurt someone. Their favorite sentence is “I could have done more” and they also are always asking for forgiveness.

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      Pine people are altruist, perfectionist and work hard in their job in order not to be “attacked” because of their errors. They used to make themselves feel guilty for the smallest mistake even claim responsibility for mistakes made by others. If they don’t reach their aims, they fall in a deep discouragement. Even if a Pine person reaches an important position he will always feel as the “ill-treated child” who has no right, who is refused by everyone and who’s needs has never been fulfilled.

      The family has been too strict and intransigent about school results, religion and life rules. Indeed has often a strict and structured morality. A person in a Pine state thinks not to deserve anything nice in life, he feels responsible for everything and accepts punishment also from other persons and doesn’t react to that. He accepts also duties as difficult as hard works in order “to set –off “ a debt he feels to have with the world. This is typical of those persons who have been physically and psychologically ill-threaten during childhood. In pythotherapy Pine is a versatile plant and heals different disorders: in essential oil it is an excellent expectorant and lenitive for problems on the osteo- muscular system.

      It is used also as a decoction in order to heal respiratory, osteo-muscle disorders, neuralgia and asthenia. The Pine remedy heals also the following disorders: inferiority complex, guilty, blues, back pains, osteo-articular disorders, apoplexy, skin imperfections, anxiety, headache, obesity, prostatitis, urethritis, dysuria, pelvis pains and digestive and sexual disorders.