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      Bach Flowers Red Chestnut

      The Bach Flower Red Chestnut belongs to the “19 assistants” and corresponds to the Red Chestnut, the planet Venus, the sign Libra and to color light orange. A sentence of Red Chestnut state could be” I am cold, put on your sweater!”. A famous personality of this Bach Flower could be the father of Nemo in the cartoon “Finding Nemo”.

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      Red Chestnut

      The Red Chestnut people take over-concern for the welfare of loved one and get worked up for each lateness and apparently it seems they aren’t afraid for themselves.

      This Bach Flower is ideal for many apprehensive parents, who always believe that something bad is going to happen to their children or to their loved ones.

      A Red Chestnut person gives lots of absurd and needless advises to he’s son, for example as shield to much during winter and admonish continuously to take care. He limits considerately the life of his son above of all in sports and entertainments. If nothing bad is happening the Red Chestnut person says what could have happen as accidents ,mourning, poverty etc.

      This excessive worry for other people is just a flight form themselves, to off load one’s problems and fears onto others. Red Chestnut people indeed are apprehensive, possessive, fearful and too emotional. They need to cut the cord and have an exaggerated need to protect others. They create symbiotic relationships with others and don’t bear any parting.

      Red Chestnut people have a tense and anxious glance, the body is always stretched forward. This Bach Flower heals the following disorders: obesity, Munchausen syndrome, anemia, headaches, chronic asthma, diabetes, hypertension, metabolic and gastric problems, tachycardia, amenorrhea, smoking addiction and irritable colon.