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      Bach Flowers Star of Betlehem

      The Bach Flower “Star of Betlehem” belongs to the “19 assistants” and corresponds to the flower “Ornitogalum umbellatum”, the planet Mars, the sign Aquarius and the wisteria color. While in homeopathy the remedy corresponds to mountain arnica. This flower is included also in the preparation of “Rescue Remedy” and is considerate a big healer and a “consoling of soul”. It’s shape is as the star of David.

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      Star of Betlehem

      The Star of Betlehem person has suffered a chock and cannot overcome it. His favorite sentence is “There is anything neither beautiful nor interesting ”. This flower heals all the emotional expressions due to choc or trauma, the “echo” of sentimental experiences of the past or tension in “throat”. It’s the right remedy for healing cases of ill-treatments or serious abuses. The Star of Betlehem “softens” the psychological scars and “dissolves” emotional blocks, further it stimulates the power of self- recovery and gives mental clearness and vitality.

      Star of Betlehem tells us that each crisis represents a possibility of development, no-one has too much responsibility as he deserves. It “teaches us again “ to cry, but it’s about a liberating cry. The person who needs Star of Betlehem is sad because of an unexpected traumatic event ( loss of some one dear, the loss of job etc.) His psychophysical energy is blocked; he seems to be inconsolable above all after a loss. The pain can be repressed, but the trauma hasn’t been overcome yet and can be shown also after a lot of time. In this state people remain “tied up” to pain.

      Star of Betlehem people present the following symptoms: apathy, depression, emotional, mental and energetic paralysis, sentimental and emotional “anesthesia”, incapacity of enjoying pleasures of life even the smallest once. These people seem not to have more dreams, needs, hope and desires, refuse consolation and brood continually over the unpleasant event. Their voice is sad , the cry is obstructive, some parts of the body are swollen because of the accumulation of emotional “poison” and seem to completely desensitized. Further their glance isn’t bright.

      This remedy heals the following physical disorders: menstrual pains, nightly enuresis, eczema, renal problems according the Chinese medicine, skin problems, psychosis, depression, psoriasis, asthma causes by stress, drug dependency, fear of public and stage, rheum and arthritis pains, hyperhidrosis, acne, throat tensions, sexual abuses, swallowing problems, hysterical pregnancies, baldness, itch without apparent reason, heart attack, traumatism, obstetric problems (choc during labor for mother and child, spontaneous abortion), white hair, insomnia, nettle rash, accidents, amenorrhea and dyspnea.