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      Bach Flowers Walnut

      Bach Flowers Walnut belongs to the “19 assistants” and corresponds to: walnut tree, moon, sign of Pisces and the yellow color of the sunflower. The Walnut people have already a foot in the new territory but they struggle to leave old schemes and are easily influenced form other opinions. They don’t want to lose their old habits. Normally it is about strong persons, who get lost on each moments of change in their life, as marriage, puberty, widowhood, separation, change of city etc.

    • walnut


      This remedy is useful for children in the period of weaning, dentition and even during the first weeks of life. Walnut people become confused and undecided, they hesitate by taking decisions and that’s why they need a strong “guide” advising them. They often depend too much form other persons ‘opinions and change even their mind if someone gave a different opinion !

      Walnut people would like to be strong and self- possessed as usually they are, but as they are “tired” from the change, they are sensitive to other persons “humors ”and therefore struggle to take important decisions. Walnut people have a proud and attentive glance, but their muscles are tense because of the change. In the fitotherapy the leafs of chestnut and mother tincture are known for their worm killing, astringent and tonic qualities. The walnut heals also skin problems and the following physical disorders: dizziness, tension, headache, menopause, alcohol dependency, drugs and tobacco, migraine, colitis, carsick, impotence, andropause, hypertension, fear of detachment, meteropatia and nervousness.