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      Bach Flowers Wild Oat

      The Bach Flower Wild Oat belongs to the “7 aids” and corresponds to: wild oat, the planet Mars, the sign of Gemini and the blue aviation color. The famous personality is Peter Pan. This flower is often prescript to teens, who are uncertain over theirs direction in life.

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      Wild Oat

      Wild Oat people have possibility to follow different possibilities, but they don’t know which one is the best for them. They are influenced by external opinions as for example from their parents, they often change work, hobby, partner, address and studies and spend lots of energy. A further characteristics of them is that they hate the obligations and profundity, therefore they leave what they do and are convinced that there is always “something better” .

      Wild Oat people feel well in every group, “they are good actors” everywhere, they love experiences and life, they are smart, multifaceted, unconventional, ambitious, original, outgoing, egocentric and have often success. The downside of Wild Oat is: they are not enough honest, surliness, detachment form reality, indecision, superficiality and lack of awareness of themselves.

      Their eyes are bright and the way of movement is agile and graceful. If this behavior continuous also as an adult this will be the eternal teenager, who never settle down anywhere. This kind of person had a repressive family who never gave a possibility of choice.

      Wild Oat people feel they have talent but they don’t know how to use it. This remedy heals also the following physical disorders: faint, dizziness, respiratory problems, as liver, digestive, eating disorders , abstinence, hypertension, pre- menstrual syndrome, apathy, emotional problems because of lack of initiative, nervousness while waiting for an important news as the result of an exam. This remedy is often taken together with “Scleranthus”.