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      Thermal springs Basilicata

      The Basilicata or Lucania is a region in South Italy, which is famous for their “Sassi of Matera”, these are primeval settlements. They served as the setting for the movie “The Passion” with Jim Caviezel and Monica Bellucci. This movie contributed in such a way to the popularity of the Sassi, that they are now visited by many American and Japanese tourists. The Basilicata is a favored destination for the bathing holidays; there are wonderful localities by the sea like Maratea, Pisticci or Policoro.

      Some famous inhabitants of the region are: Rocco Papaleo- actor, the mathematician Pitagoras and Carmine Crocco, the famous Italian villain. Rocco Petrone, ex- chief of the NASA, the director Francis Ford Coppola, the actor Nicolas Cage and Anthony Celebrezze, who is the ex- minister of Welfare- USA…they all have Lucanian roots.  If you’re visiting Matera, you can stay in an ancient, noble accommodation and connect wellness with culture. Matera is the city of the “Sassi”, which are part of the world heritage and were the setting for the movie “The Passion”. If you prefer a bathing holiday in the Basilicata region, you can choose the locality Marina di Pisticci. Here visitors can find a health resort, which is specialized on biological food. The health resort offers the following wellness treatments: music therapy, massages with sweet orange oil or sweet almond oil etc.

    • Matera is the second city of the Basilicata, also famous for the so-called “Sassi”, the ancient settlements. Today the ancient constructions are the domicile of numerous bed & breakfasts, museums and restaurants.

    • Marina di Pisticci is a township on the coast, the third city of the Basilicata after the two province- capital cities of Potenza and Matera.  Here are taking place archeological excavations of the rests of the Greek settlement of the IX century B.C. Pisticci served as the setting for the movie “Christ stopped at Eboli”.

    • Maratea is a bathing resort in the Basilicata located by the Tyrrhenian Sea, which several times received the price “Blue sail”, for its clean ocean. It’s also called the “Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea”. In 2003 the newspaper “Sunday Times” declared it as one of the most beautiful hidden pearls of Europe and in 2006 it was declared to a jewel by the “Financial Times”.

    • The locality Rio Nero in Vulture is famous for the production of high quality wines and olive oil, which are protected by the quality brand DOP. Here is located the thermal spring “Fonte Vittoria”, whose water is rich in carbon dioxide.