• rhasul-bath

      Rhasul bath

      The Rhasul bath (or Rhassoul) is a variant of steam bath, it belongs to the classics of the Oriental treatments, so much that in North Africa it’s called the “queen of the Oriental baths”. This bath combines the 4 primary elements, which are air, fire, earth and water. It is perfect for couples, since it’s beneficial for men and women. On the body there are applied therapeutic fangos and clays, added by essential oils, which have an exfoliating function. Afterwards the patient enters into a room full of perfumed vapors, whose temperature is 40°.

      The clay is sweeped away by the transpiration. This bath exfoliates and purifies the skin, it relaxes aching muscles, cures cellulitis, strengthens and tightens the skin, it excretes toxins, dilates the mind and stimulates the metabolism. The Rhasul bath can be completed with a salt scrub, purifying the body even in a profounder way, followed by a hydromassage bath.