• alga-bath

      Alga bath

      The alga bath is one of the best known wellness treatments and a very good cure against cellulitis. This kind of bath derives from the talassotherapy, or better from the therapeutic utilization of marine water and its derivatives, such as algas. There exist baths based on brown algas, red algas and blue algas, each has its own qualities and properties. The brown alga is the most common one used especially in the cosmetics and pharmaceutics industry, thanks to its purifying, diuretic and detoxicating properties.

      This kind of alga is rich in iodine and vitamins. The red alga is rich in antioxidants and is especially used for anti- aging treatments, it’s also recommended against eczemas and psoriasis, and to balance the central nervous system. The blue alga is known for its anti-tumoral, immunostimulant and antioxidant effects.