• baths-with-essential-oils-for-athletes

      Baths with essential oils for athletes

      A bath with essential oils for athletes aims to remove the lactic acid which is responsible for the muscle pains. The best essential oils for an athletic bath are the following: pine tree, mint, cypress, eucalyptus, juniper, thyme which are known for their energizing, refreshing and relaxing qualities . A further idea for a bath with essential oils for athletes’ is the lemon, bitter orange or grapefruit bath. The essential oil of citrus have an energizing function.

      In order to eliminate more the lactic acid it is recommended to add white or green ventilated clay to the water, or a kg of gray salt if Bretagne, rose salt of Himalaya or salt of the Dead sea. All these salts are known because of their relaxing qualities and their anti-water retention properties (especially for women), further they purify and have also deep deodorizer qualities.