• facial-steam-bath

      Facial steam bath

      The facial steam bath is strongly recommended in order to loose dirt in the pores above all during spring when the skin looks more tired. The facial steam bath is good for combination and oily skin thanks to its purifying and decongestive qualities for obstructed pores. After this treatment, the cleaning of blackhead will be easier. This treatment is not recommended for sensitive or blemished skin, than the steam can open more the capillary. The facial stream bath can be reserved at the beautician or can made at home.

      You have to prepare a cup of hot water to put into a bowl and cover the head with a towel. It is possible to add different kind of essential oils according to the skin type. For a dry skin you can use the essential oil of rose, for a normal skin lavender, for a mature skin neroli oil, for a combination skin cypress oil, for oily skin eucalyptus and for a cracked skin salvia.