• grape-juice-bath

      Grape juice bath

      The grape juice bath is also a wellness treatment coming from the wine therapy called also “Oenotherapy”. It belongs to the French and Italian wellness. This therapy can be used with the grape juice of wine or added with thalassic therapeutic preparations as for example with alga, increasing the effect against cellulitis and with a draining quality.

      The grape juice bath can also be “combined” with thermal water and wine grapes, especially for oily and impure skin.

      This wellness treatment is actually not just carried out in an wellness hotel or in a wellness center, but even at a Spa as for example in Merano South Tyrol, the Italian region. The grape juice bath has also capillary dilatation properties and helps the circulation. This treatment is recommended in autumn because the grape juice is very fresh and contains anti-age, revitalizing and calming properties.