• monoi-bath

      Monoi bath

      The monoi bath is excellent as it moisturizes the skin after a long day on the beach, it nourishes the skin if it’s too dry or distinguished by stretch marks. This kind of oil is known for its elasticizing qualities, the monoi oil is distinguished by a strong perfume, being prepared with drained coconut flesh and Tiare flower. The monoi bath can be made in the following ways: add some drops to the tepid bathwater and then immerse into the bath for about 15 minutes. The water should never be hot, as the skin shouldn’t be dried out, this is also important for the circulatory system.

      If the skin is very dry or is afflicted by stretch marks, you can try this hard cure: first spread the monoi oil all over your body and then immerse into the tepid bathwater, so the skin can absorb all the active ingredients of the monoi oil.