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      Turkish bath

      The Turkish bath or steam bath has ancient roots and was already known at time of Greeks, Egypt and Romans.

      In the Arabic countries the tradition of the steam bath is very used and known as “hammam” and it is still considered as a place for socializing especially for women. The Turkish bath is taken in a humid room where damp reaches 80%-90% and permits to sweat more than in the sauna.

      As the last one also the Turkish bath has different effects: improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation, eliminates toxins and dead cells of skin, cleans deeply the skin through sweat, reduces anxiety and stress. The Turkish bath purifies the airways, strengthens and relaxes deeply the whole body. It is recommended also to cure cellulite, maintain the skin young and flexible, to eliminate bone and muscle troubles and it is also advised for children. The Turkish bath is complemented with different types of massages.